Client Testimonials


Nutrition Consulting:

I started working with Lauren after I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was feeling tired all the time. She immediately set me at ease at a time when I was feeling emotional and out of sorts. I felt comfortable sharing my background and medical history with her- she always made me feel like she cared and wanted to help. And I just knew I could trust her to help.

After just a few minutes Lauren had some great suggestions, including starting a supplement to help with my symptoms. She also helped me filter through the supplements I was already taking, emphasizing only 2 or 3 rather than the 10 or so I had been on. I was truly amazed that within just a few days I started feeling better- just from adding a key nutrient to my diet that I was missing for a long time! I was really impressed that after one interview, Lauren knew just what my body needed.

Lauren made a meal plan for me that was easy to follow and gave me a lots of inspiring resources including recipes, info on nutrients and my condition, and book recommendations. These have all helped keep me on the right track. I’m really enjoying eating more healthy foods and I have way more energy. I’m so glad I went to Lauren for help!

Anne- Marie B.

I approached Lauren to help me transition to a vegan diet after being vegetarian for 20 years. When we met she asked me lots of great questions to help get a meal plan started, and we discussed my questions and concerns. Lauren is so warm and friendly that I automatically felt quite comfortable sharing my medical history and nutritional concerns with her. She helped me understand the unique nutritional needs I have due to my hypothyroidism and carefully took my condition into account in designing my meal plan.

She took a holistic approach to this transformative moment in my life and did so on a level that I understood quite easily. I left our appointment feeling ready to go out and do my first vegan grocery shopping trip! Lauren made herself available for any questions I had during the trip which was very helpful given that I’d never shopped dairy free before.

Over the last year I’ve used Lauren’s wisdom and knowledge to help me in many ways. She was the catalyst for my ability to see beyond an otherwise potentially challenging horizon and view meal planning and execution with ease, creativity, and delicious nutrition. Lauren armed me with lots of recipes and online resources. The care that she takes to prepare her clients for real world experiences is exceptional. Lauren helped me build a sturdy framework for a vegan lifestyle. I have been able to translate this to my partner, who had never cooked or baked vegan before, yet now deftly executes vegan meals with me daily. Lauren has offered her assistance to this day and I find her knowledge and passion for animals and good nutrition admirable!

Janice S.

I hired Lauren to make me a new meal plan for weight loss, but I got so much more! As promised, she made me a delicious, easy to follow meal plan with recipes she created just for me. I had stressed that I only wanted simple recipes due to my busy schedule. She definitely delivered- the recipes had only a few ingredients but were big on flavor. She listened to all of my likes and dislikes and made meal plans that really reflected my personal tastes.

Lauren also gave me the tools to eat healthfully in social situations like restaurants and parties. I’ve started losing weight without going hungry which is something I thought was impossible!

She was supportive through the whole process and always there for me when I had questions by text and email. I’ve learned so much from working together and I really appreciate all of her help. I haven’t reached my goal yet but I know I’ll get there thanks to the great start Lauren gave me.

Ellen P.


I really enjoyed Lauren’s nutrition class. The presentations always kept my attention. I loved her emphasis on science over fads- each week she debunked myths that had confused me in the past. She has great suggestions that I can easily put into action. Lauren is concerned and supportive, I loved the personalized attention.

Beth C.

The class was amazing- I can’t believe I’ve gone through life without knowing most of the information we learned! Lauren is obviously passionate about nutrition, which comes across in her presentation and enthusiasm. She was prepared for any questions and answered them all clearly.

Richard M.

We got so much out of Lauren’s nutrition class. She is knowledgable, caring and dedicated to making the class both fun and informative. I really felt empowered to make better choices, even my seven year old daughter who attended, learned a lot! Now she makes sure to remind me to eat more greens!

Karen P.